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Nicolas Philibert

Nicolas Philibert

  • French director, born in Nancy in 1951.

    A philosophy graduate, Nicolas Philibert took his first steps in the cinema as an assistant to René Allio. In 1978, he co-directed his first feature film with Gérard Mordillat, His Master’s Voice, which analyses the words of a dozen big bosses of large French companies. From 1985 to 1987 he made films about the mountains and adventure sports for television, then he began directing feature-length documentaries for public release: Louvre City, Land of the Deaf, Animals and More Animals, Every Little Thing…. In To Be and to Have (2001), he follows day-to-day life in a one-room school in a little village in Auvergne. Winner of the Louis Delluc Prize, Best Editing at the César Awards, the film was met with enormous success in France and abroad. Nénette (2010) and La Maison de la radio (2013) were both selected for the Berlinale.


  • La Voix de son maître (1978) - Trilogy for one man (Trilogie pour un homme seul,1987) - La Ville Louvre (1990) - In the Land of the Deaf (Le Pays des sourds, 1992) - Animals and More Animals (Un animal, des animaux, 1996) - Every Little Thing (La Moindre des choses, 1997) - Qui sait ? (1999) - To Be and to Have (Être et avoir, 2002) - The Invisible (L’Invisible, 2002) - Back to Normandy (Retour en Normandie, 2007) - Nénette (2010) - La Maison de la radio (2013) - De chaque instant (2018) - On the Adamant (2023)



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