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Cédric Klapisch

Cédric Klapisch

  • French director, born in Neuilly in 1961.

    After a master’s thesis on Tex Avery and the Marx Brothers, Cédric Klapisch left to study cinema at New York University (NYU) in 1983. Back in France, he directed four short films, including the renowned Ce Qui Me Meut about Etienne-Jules Marey. His first feature film, Little Nothings, was nominated at the Césars in 1992. He then directed a television film for ARTE, Le Péril jeune, which also had a theatrical release. The film, which revealed Romain Duris, was a huge success with audiences. He later directed more than ten feature films (including When the Cat's Away, Family Resemblances based on the play by Bacri and Jaoui, Paris, and My Piece of the Pie) and a number of documentaries including L’Espace d’Un Instant about the prima ballerina Aurélie Dupont, which won a Fipa d’Or in 2010. His latest film, Chinese Puzzle, is the third part of the trilogy he began with Pot Luck and Russian Dolls

  • Maasaïïtis (1989) – Little nothings (1992) – Le Péril jeune (1994) – Family resemblances (1996) – When the cat's away (1996) – Maybe (1999) – Pot Luck (2002) Not for or Against... (2003) – The Russian Dolls (2005) – Paris (2008) – My piece of the pie (2011) – Chinese Puzzle (2013) – Back to Burgundy (2017) – Someone, Somewhere (2019)  Rise (En corps, 2022)

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