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Justine Triet

Justine Triet

  • French director, born in Fécamp in 1978.

    During her studies in painting at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, Justine Triet became interested in video and editing. After graduating she completed her first video documentaries, filmed during student demonstrations or in a Sao Paolo shantytown. In 2011 her short film Two Ships won numerous awards, notably at the Berlin International Film Festival. This was closely followed by her first full-length film, The Age of Panic (2013), which blurs the line between fiction and reality with several of its scenes filmed the day François Hollande won the presidential election in 2012. With In Bed with Victoria (2016) and Sibyl (2019), Justine Triet shows her mastery of portraits of complex women on the verge of breakdown, blending tragedy with humour. To do this, she worked with Virgine Efira, to whom she gave one of the best roles of her career to date.

    • Feature Movies

    Age of Panic (2013) – In Bed with Victoria (2016) – Sibyl (2019)

    • Shorts

    Sur Place (2007) – Solférino (2008) – Des ombres dans la maison (2009) – Two Ships (2011)

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