Christophe Honoré

  • Director, writer, and stage director, born in 1970 in Carhaix (France).

    After studying modern literature and film in Rennes, Christophe Honoré moved to Paris in 1995 where he published his first book for children. As with his dual cursus at university, he would continue to endlessly invest all of the narrative arts with the same gusto and a certain taste for metamorphoses. A novelist, columnist at Cahiers du cinéma, author for the theatre and of his own films, in 2002 he launched his career as a director with Seventeen Times Cecile Cassard. He went on to adapt Georges Bataille with My Mother (2003), Madame de la Fayette with The Beautiful Person (2008), and Ovid with Metamorphoses (2014). Music is also at the heart of his cinema, particularly in Love Songs (2007) and Beloved (2011), orchestrated by Alex Beaupain. In 2018, he won the Louis Delluc Prize for Sorry Angel, before directing On a Magical Night with Chiara Mastroianni. Since 2009, he has also worked regularly as a theatre and operator director. In the spring of 2020, he directed his first show at the Comédie Française, an adaptation for stage of Marcel Proust’s The Guermantes Way.


  • 17 fois Cécile Cassard (2002) - Tout contre Léo (2002) - Ma mère (2004) - Dans Paris (2006) - Les Chansons d’amour (2007) - La Belle Personne (2008) - Non ma fille tu n’iras pas danser (2009) - Homme au bain (2010) - Les Bien-aimés (2011) - Métamorphoses (2014) - Les Malheurs de Sophie (2016) - Plaire, aimer et courir vite (2018) - Chambre 212 (2019)

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