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Ira Sachs

Ira Sachs

  • American director, born in 1965 in Memphis.

    Ira Sachs is a filmmaker based in New York. His films include Love is Strange, Keep the Lights On, The Delta, and the 2005 Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning Forty Shades of Blue. His short film, Last Address, honoring a group of NYC artists who died of AIDS, has been included in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum and New York's Museum of Modern Art. Sachs is the founder of Queer/Art, a non-profit arts organization that provides support for a diverse group of LGBTQ artists across disciplines and generations. 

  • The Delta (1996) – Underground Zero (segment Untitled) (2002) – Forty Shades of Blue (2005) –Married Life (2007) – Keep the Lights On (2012) – Love Is Strange (2014) – Brooklyn Village (2016) – Frankie (2019) – Passages (2023)

Their list of films

« Here is a list of 50 films I come back to in my mind, and when working on my own films, as if they were part of my own experience, and family memories.  Over time, scenes in these films feel as close to me as if I had lived them personally.  They make up my creative imagination much like old photograph albums do. I also keep DVD copies of most of them closely available, for easy access, and inspiration. »

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