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José Luis Guerín

José Luis Guerín

  • Spanish director born in Barcelona in 1960.

    From his teenage years, José Luis Guerin directed a dozen experimental short films before directing his first feature film, Los Motivos de Berta [Berta's Motive] in 1983. A rich and eclectic work was to follow, in which the filmmaker intertwines different periods, people (the dead, the living, real people, and fictional characters) and film genres (documentary, fiction, poem). In Innsfree (1990), the director leaves for Ireland on the trail of the shooting locations of John Ford’s The Quiet Man. In En Construccion (2000), he describes people’s lives through the construction process of a building in Barcelona. The film, awarded a Goya, was a resounding success in Spain. In 2012, the Centre Pompidou presented the correspondence he maintained with the director Jonas Mekas. His most recent film, The Academy of Muses (2015), competed in the Signs of Life selection at the Locarno Festival.

  • Los motivos de Berta, fantasia de pubertad (1983) – Souvenir (1986) – Innisfree (1990) –Train of shadows (1997) – En construcción (2000) – In the city of Sylvia (2007) Guest (2010) – The Academy of Muses (2015)

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