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Jessica Hausner

Jessica Hausner

  • Austrian director, producer, and scriptwriter, born in Vienna in 1972.

    During her studies in film directing at the Filmakademie in Vienna, Jessica Hausner directed two short films: Flora (1996) and Inter-View (1999). The latter revealed her filmic language and laid the foundations of her work: filming distress, chance events, and solitude. These themes are found in her feature films: Lovely Rita (2000), Hotel (2004), Lourdes (2009), Amour fou (2014) and Little Joe, for which Emily Beecham won Best Actress at Cannes in 2019. In 1999, she also founded the production company Coop 99 with some of her filmmaker friends (Barbara Albert, Antonin Svoboda, and Martin Gschlacht) to produce their own films. Club Zero, released in 2023, takes an innovative and disturbing approach to environmental issues.

    • Feature Movies

    Lovely Rita (2000)  Hotel (2004)  Lourdes (2009)  Mad Love (2014)  Little Joe (2019)  Club Zero (2023)

    • Shorts

    Flora (1997)  Inter-View (1998) – Toast (2005)

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