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Agnès Jaoui

Agnès Jaoui

  • French actress, singer, screenwriter and director, born in Antony in 1964.

    During her student years, Agnès Jaoui took drama classes with Patrice Chéreau. During one of the productions there, she met Jean-Pierre Bacri, with whom she would go on to co-write and perform in numerous films. Their first collaboration, Cuisine et dépendances, was adapted for the screen by Philippe Muyl in 1993. Alan Resnais asked the scathingly humorous duo to write the screenplay for Smoking/No Smoking (1993) and then that of Same Old Song (1997), in which they also acted. One year earlier, Cedric Klapisch’s Family Resemblance introduced them to the public as actor-screenwriters. Conjointly with her career as an actress, Agnes Jaoui directed her first feature film, The Taste of Others, in 2000. Then came Look at Me (2003), which won Best Screenplay at Cannes, Let it Rain (2008), Under the Rainbow (2013), and Place publique (2018). She is also a singer and has released three albums.

  • Cinema : The Taste of Others (2000) – Look at Me (2004) – Let It Rain (2008) – Under The Rainbow (2013) – Place publique (2018)

    TV : En Thérapie (Season 2, 2022)

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