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Christian Rouaud

Christian Rouaud

  • French director, born in Paris in 1948.

    Christian Rouaud began his career as a professor of humanities and the head of the audiovisual course at the Ministry of National Education. At that time, he produced many films for the education system and participated in the creation of a number of projects, such as an internal television channel at the Fresnes prison. Author of a novel, La Saldéprof, in 1983, he launched his career as a documentary filmmaker in 1991 with Allez les Petits. His first feature film (2002) was a documentary on Bernard Lambert, the founder of Paysans Travailleurs. In 2007, he directed LIP: The LIP Factor – Imagination in Power, on the most emblematic working-class strike of post May ‘68. The critics unanimously hailed the film. In 2012, Leadersheep won the César for Best Documentary.

  • Allez les petits (1991) – Retour au quartier nord (1992) – Bagad (1994) – Quel chantier ! (1997) – Histoires de paysans (2002) –La bonne longueur pour les jambes (2002) – Paysan et Rebelle, un portrait de Bernard Lambert (2002) – Bretana (2003) – Dans la maison radieuse (2004) – L'Homme dévisagé (2005) – L'Eau, la Terre et le Paysan (2006) – LIP : The LIP factor - Imagination in power (2007) – Le Grand Dédé (2009) – Larzac (2011) – Avec Dédé (2013) – Le Plaisir du désordre (2016)

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