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Mariano Llinás

Mariano Llinás

  • Argentinian director (scriptwriter, actor, and producer), born in Buenos Aires in 1975.

    Born in the land of Borges and Bioy Casares, the son of a surrealist poet, Mariano Llinás inherited a fertile desire for fiction.  This explorer of lore created La Flor, a fourteen-hour fresco produced between 2009 and 2018 with the group of actresses Piel de Lava. An eye-opening journey into the history of cinema in all its genres, from the serial film to the B-grade movie, melodrama to espionage… This singular flower within the cinematic landscape, spotted at the BAFICI in Buenos Aires, at Biarritz, or at Locarno, has sprouted outside of traditional production circuits. This is because ever since the creation of El Pampero Cine in 2002, Llinás has cultivated his art autonomously, with his cinema troupe. His mockumentary Balnearios (2002) followed by his picturesque Historias extraordinarias (2008) already revealed his audacity, both in front of and behind the camera, paving a distinctive non-naturalist path for the new Argentine cinema. An inexhaustible ‘fiction machine’, Llinás also works as a scriptwriter, notably for Hugo Santiago, penning for instance his most recent film The Sky of the Centaur (2015).

  • Derecho viejo (1998) - Balnearios (2002) - La más bella niña (2004) - Historias extraordinarias (2008) - Tres fábulas de Villa Ocampo (2011) - La flor (2016)

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