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Arthur Harari

Arthur Harari

  • French director, born 1981 in Paris.

    Arthur Harari's grandfather was actor Clément Harari, an emblematic second-rate figure in French cinema. An avid cinema-goer, the young Harari made Super 8 films with his siblings : Lucas in front of the camera and Tom (now a cinematographer), with whom he has collaborated ever since. Self-taught, Harari first trained as a short film director (Des jours dans les rues, 2005 ; Le Petit, 2006 ; La Main sur la gueule, 2007 ; Peine perdue, 2013). His first feature, Diamant noir (2016, starring Niels Schneider), a film noir set in the diamond milieu of Antwerp, asserts the singularity of a cinema that knows how to be both edgy and delicate, uncompromising and nuanced. This was followed by the island war film Onoda, 10  000 nuits dans la jungle, presented at Cannes (Un certain regard section) in 2021, winner of the Prix Louis Delluc, Prix du Syndicat de la critique and César for best screenplay. Harari also writes for film as co-writer with his partner Justine Triet (notably for Sibyl and Anatomie d'une chute). Also an actor, Arthur Harari has appeared in several films, including Cédric Kahn's Le Procès Goldman.

    • Short filmsDes jours dans la rue (2005) - Le Petit (2006) - La Main sur la gueule (2007) - Peine perdue (2013)
    • Feature films Dark Inclusion (2015) - Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle (2021)

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