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Head Against the Wall

by Georges Franju1h321958France
Head Against the Wall

The film"s page

In order to get rid of his troublesome son François, Maître Gérane manages to have him committed to a mental hospital owned by Dr. Varmont, a supporter of traditional treatments, in constant conflict with Dr. Emery, whose therapy takes the psychology of patients into account. François soon makes friends with Heurtevent, a sweet epileptic, and both decide to escape from the place. Their attempt is a failure and Heurtevent, unable to get over what he considers a return to hell, commits suicide. But rebellious François tries again and this time around he is successful. He finds shelter at his friend Stephanie's home...

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Production Compagny : ATICA - Artistes et Techniciens de l'Industrie Cinématographique Associés , Elpénor Films, Sirius Films
    • Distributor : Mocky Delicious Pictures (MDP)
    • Original Music : Maurice Jarre
    • Photo Director : Eugen Schüfftan
    • Scenario : Jean-Pierre Mocky
    • Director : Georges Franju
    • Original Work Author : Hervé Bazin
    • Set Decoration : Louis Le Barbenchon
    • Sound Recorder : René Sarazin
    • Editing : Suzanne Sandberg
    • Dialogs : Jean-Charles Pichon
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Sound mix : Stéréo 2.0
    • Year of production : 1958
    • French release date : 20 mars 1959
    • Category : Feature film
    • Color : Black and White
    • Language : French

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