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Pete Docter

Pete Docter

  • Director, scriptwriter, animator, and producer, born in Bloomington, Minnesota, in 1968.

    Passionate about animation since the age of eight, when he created his first flipbook, Pete Docter studied the animation of characters at the California Institute of the Arts before joining Pixar Animation Studios in 1990, as an animator, at the age of 21. An associate of John Lasseter, he became the co-scriptwriter of Toy Story (1995), Pixar’s first feature film which made the studio its name. He also co-wrote Toy Story 2 (1999) and contributed to developing storyboards for A Bug's Life (1998). His first film, Monsters, Inc. (2001), an immersion in the world of childlike dreams that brilliantly reinvented the figure of the monster, was also an Oscars nominee. Co-writer of the acclaimed Wall-E (2008), Docter next directed Up (2009), which opened the sixty-second Cannes Film Festival and won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. In 2018, he became the artistic director of Pixar. His most recent films, Inside Out (2015) and Soul (2020), which also won Oscars, are considered masterpieces of animated film.

  • Monsters Inc. (2001) - Up (2009) - Inside Out (2015) - Soul (2020)

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