Snowball Fight

Bataille de boules de neige
by Louis Lumière0h011896France
Snowball Fight

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Wintertime in Lyon. About a dozen people, men and women, are having a snowball fight in the middle of a tree-lined street. The cyclist coming along the road becomes the target of opportunity. He falls off his bicycle. He's not hurt, but he rides back the way he came, as the fight continues. Uh-oh. He forgot his cap in the snow.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Directed by : Louis Lumière
    • Producer : Louis Lumière, Auguste Lumière
    • Producing company : Lumière
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Year of production : 1896
    • French release date : 7 février 1897
    • Category : Short film
    • Color : Black and White
    • Language : muet

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