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Rouen, cinq minutes d'arrêt

Rouen, cinq minutes d'arrêt

by Ingrid Gogny0h151996France
Collection Première sélection

A proposition by L'Agence du court métrage

An encounter, a thoroughfare, a short parenthesis in two dissimilar lives crossing paths by chance, for a few moments. Ingrid Gogny needed nothing more to sign a film of inalterable charm and miraculous grace. This is clearly due to the encounter, intensified for the camera, between Karin Viard and Sergi Lopez: both were then at the start of their career and shot this short film with disarming simplicity, at a time when viewers were discovering them in feature films by Xavier Durringer and Manuel Poirier.

The film"s page

One Sunday, Marguerite, a young pregnant woman from Rouen, and Mario, a Spanish sailor in transit, meet while waiting for a train.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Directed by : Ingrid Gogny
    • Screenplay : Ingrid Gogny, Catherine Hoffmann
    • Original score : Guy Bontempelli
    • Sound engineer : Daniel Sobrino
    • Chef opérateur : Nathalie Sarles
  • Technical details

    • Printed format :
    • Sound mix : Stéréo 2.0
    • Year of production : 1996
    • French release date : 15 juin 1996
    • Category : Short film
    • Color : Colors
    • Language : Français

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