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Deep Crimson

Profundo carmesi
by Arturo Ripstein1h501997Mexico
Deep Crimson

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Mexico, 1949. Coral Fabre, a buxom sensual young nurse who raises her two children by herself is a fan of French actor Charles Boyer. Coral is laid off by the hospital she works for because she has bullied the patients. In order to make fun of her chubbiness and her being somewhat corny her colleagues offer her a letter written by Nicolas Estrella, a double of Charles Boyer. Coral, overcome with loneliness, answers the letter of Estrella (also known as Nico) and arranges a meeting with him. Nico keeps up wonderfully his vague resemblance to Charles Boyer and trades on it with ladies. When Coral first meets Nico she’s immediately attracted to him. Nico, for his part, rather feels like taking leave. But he ends up in Coral’s bed, drawn in by her generous body and her odour. Coral’s made up her’d to love Nico. She abandons her children to the first orphanage she comes across. Back to Nico’s place, Coral delves into her lover’s past and unveils his murdering his wife. From now on nothing can come between us. Coral makes him understand that they’re bound for life. There’s no way out. This is our destiny.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Production Compagny : Wanda Films, MK2 Productions, Ivania Films
    • Distributor : MK2
    • Producer : Marin Karmitz
    • Director : Arturo Ripstein
    • Scenario : Paz Alicia Garciadiego
    • Photo Director : Guillermo Granillo
    • Costume Design : Monica Neumaier
    • Sound Recorder : Carlos Faruolo, Antonio Betancourt
    • Editing : Rafael Castanedo
    • Original Music : David Mansfield
    • Executive Producer : Tita Lombardo
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Sound mix : Stéréo 2.0
    • Year of production : 1997
    • French release date : 29 janvier 1997
    • Category : Feature film
    • Color : Colors
    • Language : Spanish

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