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Boy Meets Girl

by Leos Carax1h401984France
Boy Meets Girl

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Paris by night. Alex, 22, wants to become a filmmaker. He is fascinated by first times and his girlfriend, Florence, has just left him for his best friend, Thomas. First break-up, first attempted murder: Alex tries to strangle Thomas, but gives up and wanders the streets. That evening, Mireille, a girl from provincial France who has come up to Paris to make commercials, is left by her boyfriend. Alex witnesses this separation. These two tormented souls run into each other at a party.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Distributor : Playtime
    • Production Compagny : Abilene
    • Set Decoration : Serge Marzolff, Jean Bauer
    • Editing : Francine Sandberg, Nelly Meunier
    • Photo Director : Jean-Yves Escoffier
    • Director : Leos Carax
    • Scenario : Leos Carax
    • Producer : Patricia Moraz
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Sound mix : Stéréo 2.0
    • Year of production : 1984
    • French release date : 21 novembre 1984
    • Category : Feature film
    • Color : Black and White
    • Language : French

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