Rachel, Rachel

by Paul Newman United States
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Film details

Rachel, Rachel
by Paul Newman

Rachel is a 35 year old school teacher who has no man in her life and lives with her mother. When a man from the big city returns and asks her out, she begins to have to make decisions about her life and where she wants it to go.

Status of the VoD copy


  • Joanne Woodward : Rachel Cameron
  • James Olson : Nick Kazlik
  • Kate Harrington : Mrs. Cameron
  • And with: Estelle Parsons, Donald Moffat


  • Director Paul Newman
  • Scenario Stewart Stern
  • Original work author Margaret Laurence
  • Photo director Gayne Rescher
  • Set Design Robert Gundlach
  • Costume Design Domingo A. Rodriguez
  • Sound Jack C. Jacobsen
  • Editing Dede Allen
  • Original music Jerome Moross
  • Producer Paul Newman
  • Production Compagny Kayos Productions

Technical information

  • Aspect ratio1,85:1
  • Printed film format35 mm
  • Original sound mixMono
  • CategoryFeature film
  • ColorColors
  • LanguageEnglish
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