L'Enfant secret

by Philippe Garrel 1h32min France 1979
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Film details

L'Enfant secret
by Philippe Garrel

Four chapters based on the birth of a 'secret child', or a film, with chapter titles: "La séction Césarienne" (Caesarian section: a descriptive detail introducing the mother); "Le dernier guerrier" (the last warrior: how the father sees himself); "Le cercle ophydique" (the serpent's closed circle: the couple reunites at the psychiatric ward); "Les forêts désenchantées" (unfairy forests: the film in the making).

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  • Anne Wiazemsky : Elie
  • Henri de Maublanc : Jean-Baptiste
  • And with: Xuan Lindenmayer, Cécile Le Bailly, Elli Medeiros, Philippe Garrel, Ari Päffgen, Éliane Roy, Caroline von Paulus


  • Director Philippe Garrel
  • Scenario Philippe Garrel
  • Dialogs Philippe Garrel
  • Photo director Pascal Laperrousaz
  • Sound Alain Villeval
  • Sound mix Paul Bertault
  • Editing Philippe Garrel
  • Original music Didier Lockwood
  • Producer Philippe Garrel
  • Distributor Philippe Garrel

Technical information

  • Aspect ratio1.66:1
  • Printed film format35 mm
  • Production1979
  • Release date for France02/09/1983
  • CategoryFeature film
  • ColorBlack and White
  • LanguageFrench
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