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Sophie Letourneur

Sophie Letourneur

  • French director, born in 1978.
    It was during her studies at the Arts Décoratifs that Sophie Letourneur directed her first short films, which combined experimental video and documentary. These initial experiences enduringly marked her relationship to directing, with tales often tinged with auto-fiction. Regularly acting in her own films, she blurs the boundaries between intimate chronicle and fiction, as in Les Coquillettes (2011) or Voyages en Italie (2023), where she reinterprets the audio recordings of a journey with her partner. Her first feature, La Vie au Ranch (Chicks), a comedy featuring the bawdy humour characteristic of her films, won two awards at the Entrevues festival in Belfort in 2009. Ten years later, she won the Jean Vigo Prize for Énorme  (Enormous), with Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen, which takes a unique look at pregnancy, between irreverent humour and documentary, set in a hospital environment.

  • La Tête dans le vide (short film, 2004) - Manue bolonaise (short film, 2005) - Roc & Canyon (short film, 2007), La Vie au ranch (2010) - Le Marin masqué (short film, 2011) - Schengen (short film, 2012) - Les Coquillettes (2013) - Gaby Baby Doll (2014) - Énorme (2020) - Voyages en Italie (2023)

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