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Programme Louis Feuillade

Programme Louis Feuillade

by Louis Feuillade1h461911France

A proposition by Gaumont

The scenes "of Life as it is" are unlike anything that has been done so far by the various publishers of the world. They are an attempt at realism that is being brought to the screen for the first time, just as it was years ago in literature, theatre and the arts. It was up to the Société des établissements Gaumont to attempt this essay first; the public will tell us if it succeeded.

The film"s page

Le Trust - 1911 (24 minutes)
In the series' claimed greyness (the everyday, always the everyday, nothing but the everyday...), and despite its anti-cinematographic subject matter, Le Trust conceals some refreshing scenes and, above all, a sort of aesthetic premonition as to the future of its director.

La Tare - 1911 (41 minutes)
La Tare is exemplary of Louis Feuillade's intentions towards the line, both aesthetic and moral, of his collection of films classified under the banner of "Life as it is", the cinematic equivalent of the novels of Zola and Goncourt.

Le Nain - 1912 (17 minutes)
Without doubt the most audacious of the series, this film seems, a rare occurrence, to have escaped Léon Gaumont's inflexible censorship on subjects deemed "delicate" and likely to shock the public.

La Hantise - 1912 (24 minutes)
The film of the series that "sticks" the most to the immediate current events of the time. With an astonishing modernity, Feuillade makes one of his best films, often described as an unknown masterpiece.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Directed by : Louis Feuillade
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Sound mix : Stéréo 2.0
    • Year of production : 1911
    • French release date : 12 octobre 1911
    • Category : Feature film
    • Color : Black and White
    • Language : Français

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