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Christoph Hochhäusler

Christoph Hochhäusler

  • German director born in Munich in 1972.

    Christoph Hochhäusler is one of the key directors of the so-called « Berlin School » among Christian Petzold, Angela Shanelec and Ulrich Köhler. He first studied architecture before attending the HFF film school in Munich. He began by making three short films and was the founding publisher of the German film magazine, Revolver. The magazine regularly features interviews with the Berlin Schoolfilmmakers as well as an older generation of German and international directors  regarded as raw models. Hence, the magazine participated in the renewal of German cinema. In 2003, Christoph Hochhäusler made his first feature length film, Milchwald. He followed up with Falscher Bekenner, Unter dir die stadt, Die Lügen der Sieger. Both his second and third feature were selected at the Un certain regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. He returned to directing in 2023 with Bis ans Ende der Nacht.

  • This very moment (Milchwald, 2003) – I am guilty (Falscher Bekenner, 2005) – Germany 09 : 13 short films about the state of the nation (Deutschland 09  13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation, extract from Séance, 2009) – The city below (Unter dir die stadt, 2010) – Eine Minute Dunkel (2011) – The lies of the Victors (Die Lügen der Sieger, 2015) – Till the End of the Night (Bis ans Ende der Nacht, 2023) 





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