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Thomas Arslan

Thomas Arslan

  • Thomas Arslan, is a German director born in Brunswick in 1962.

    Trained in directing on the rebellious benches of the Berlin Film School DFFB (following Harun Farocki or Daniel Schmid), Thomas Arslan is one of the main representatives of the German “new New Wave” from 1990–2000 (also known as the “Berliner Schule”), a movement that paints a stark portrait of contemporary Germany. His Turkish-German roots notably inform his approach (see his trilogy Geschwister – Kardesler, Dealer and A Fine Day, shot between 1996 and 2001), aligning him with the German-Turkish film movement (along with Fatih Akin). The Berlinale has hailed the exacting work of this auteur-director since his earliest films. His filmography defies categorisation, touching on genres such as the thriller (Im Schatten, 2010) or the western (Gold, 2013) or recently the road movie (Bright Nights, 2017). Since 2007, Arslan has also taught film at the Berlin University of the Arts. 

  • Brothers and Sisters (1996) – Dealer (1998) – A Fine Day (2001) – Aus der Ferne (2006) – Vacation (2007) – In the Shadows (2010) – Gold (2013) – Bright Nights (2017) 

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