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Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Lucile Hadzihalilovic

  • French director born in 1961 in Lyon.

    Lucile Hadzihalilovic, daughter of a Bosnian father and a French mother, grew up near the ocean in Morocco, as well as in the forest of the Vosges region in France. At 18, she moved to Paris, studied Art History then entered the IDHEC (now La Fémis) in 1983. Her attraction to genre films stood out in a school that favoured naturalist auteur cinema at that time. It was during these years of study that she met Gaspar Noé, her partner. Together, they founded Les Cinémas de la Zone and collaborated on their respective films during the 1990s (CarneLa Bouche de Jean-PierreI Stand Alone). The titles of her (long and short) films – InnocenceEvolutionNectarNaturaEarwig – sound like so many entries in a filmic book of spells, in which tales merge with the natural sciences. Her work forms a kind of chrysalid of genre cinema, contained within subtle and suggestive in-camera action, in which emotional and sensorial intelligence perturbs reason.

    • Short films :

    La Première Mort de Nono (1987) - La Bouche de Jean-Pierre (1996) - Good Boys Use Condoms (1998) - Nectar (2014) - De Natura (2018)

    • Feature films :

    Innocence (2005) - Évolution (2015) - Earwig (2021)

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