Tower of Lust

by Abel Gance2h001954

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France, the beginning of the XIV century. Every night, Queen Margaret of Burgundy and her two sisters arrange orgies, to which beautiful nobles are invited. The young men were brought blindfolded, and after a night of love they were killed and their corpses thrown into the river, because the queen was afraid that her husband would learn about her adventures. One of her lovers managed to escape death. He knows the secrets of the queen, knows that she once gave birth to a son from him, claims that he has evidence that Margarita wanted to kill her father and blackmails her.

Cast and crew
  • Credits

    • Réalisateur : Abel Gance
    • Scénario : Fernand Rivers, Étienne Fuzellier, Abel Gance
    • Dialogues : Fernand Rivers, Étienne Fuzellier, Abel Gance
    • Directeur de la photographie : André Thomas
    • Décors : Robert Bouladoux
    • Montage : Louisette Hautecoeur
    • Musique originale : Henri Verdun
    • Producteur : Fernand Rivers
    • Société de production : Les Films Fernand Rivers
    • Ayant droit : Les Éditions René Chateau
    • Auteur de l'oeuvre originale : Alexandre Dumas
    • Ingénieur du son : Robert Teisseire
  • Technical details

    • Printed format : 35 mm
    • Year of production : 1954
    • French release date : 18 mars 1955
    • Category : Long métrage
    • Color : Couleurs
    • Language : Français

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