The Confession

by Costa-Gavras 32h50min France 1970
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Film details

The Confession
by Costa-Gavras

Anton Ludvik, aka Gerard, is vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia. He realizes he is watched and followed. One day, he is arrested and put into jail, in solitary confinement. We are shown the mental tortures during the investigation and how a faithful top-ranking civil servant is made to confess to treason. Based on the true story of Czechoslovakian communist Artur London.

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  • Yves Montand : A.L
  • Simone Signoret : Lise Ludvik
  • Gabriele Ferzetti : Kohoutck
  • And with: Michel Vitold, László Szabó, Jean Bouise, Guy Mairesse


  • Director Costa-Gavras
  • Dialogs Jorge Semprún
  • Original work author Lise London, Arthur London
  • Photo director Raoul Coutard
  • Set Design Bernard Evein
  • Costume Design Jacqueline Moreau
  • Sound William Robert Sivel
  • Editing Françoise Bonnot
  • Production Compagny Fono Roma, Les Films Corona, Les Films Pomereu, Selenia Cinematografica
  • Distributor KG Productions

Technical information

  • Original sound mixMono
  • Production1970
  • Release date for France04/21/1970
  • CategoryFeature film
  • ColorColors
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