A King in New York

by Charlie Chaplin 1h45min United Kingdom 1957
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Film details

A King in New York
by Charlie Chaplin

Fleeing revolution in his country, a European monarch seeks refuge in 1950s New York City. His corrupt Prime Minister having left him penniless, King Shahdov even stars in TV commercials to fund his living expenses. Meeting a boy whose parents are being persecuted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, he takes the homeless ten-year old under his wing, but soon after is summoned to his own HUAC hearing. Hilarious mayhem ensues, but the boy’s fate is not quite as carefree.

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  • Charlie Chaplin : Le roi Shadov
  • Dawn Addams : Ann Kay
  • Oliver Johnston : L'ambassadeur Jaume
  • Joan Ingram : Mona Cromwell
  • Michael Chaplin : Rupert Macabee
  • Maxine Audley : La reine Irene
  • And with: Alan Gifford, Harry Green, Sidney James, Phil Brown, Jerry Desmonde, John McLaren, Robert Arden, Shani Wallis, Joy Nichols


  • Director Charlie Chaplin
  • Scenario Charlie Chaplin
  • Photo director Georges Périnal
  • Set Design Allan Harris
  • Costume Design John Wilson Appearson
  • Sound John Cox
  • Editing John Seabourne Sr.
  • Original music Charlie Chaplin
  • Producer Charlie Chaplin
  • Production Compagny Attica Film Company, Cinédis
  • Distributor MK2

Technical information

  • Aspect ratio1,37:1
  • Printed film format35 mm
  • Original sound mixMono
  • Production1957
  • Release date for France10/25/1957
  • CategoryFeature film
  • ColorBlack and White
  • LanguageEnglish
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