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Jonás Trueba

Jonás Trueba

  • Jonás Trueba, Spanish director born in Madrid in 1981.

    Brought up in a Madrilenian film family (his father is director Fernando Trueba, his mother is a producer), Jonás Trueba films with disconcerting natural talent. His films are slices of life, created independently and with little means. France discovered his talent with The August Virgin (2019), a sentimental stroll through a solar Madrid. Trueba disarms, capturing life paths with simplicity, while giving ample room to the viewer and to his actors (from Itsaso Arana, who stars in three of his films and is also involved in writing them; to the teenagers in Who’s Stopping Us, Goya for Best Documentary in 2022, to whom the directing was partly delegated). Weaving plot lines about love, friendship, existence, and memory, his cinema paints a vibrant portrait of the desires of contemporary Spain.  

  • Cero en conciencia (short feature, 2000) - Every Song Is About Me (2010) - The Wishful Thinkers (2013) - The Romantic Exiles (2015) - The Reconquest (2016) The August Virgin (2020) - Who's Stopping Us (2021) - Teneís que venir a verla (2022)

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